Today we are addressing the question; are Tower Garden crops as nutritious as field grown crops? And the answer might surprise you!

If you were wondering if Tower Garden aeroponic grown crops have the same amount of nutrients as field grown crops, you’re not alone. In fact, it was such a hot topic a few years ago that a university decided to investigate. The great thing about university studies is that they are detailed, scientific, and unbiased!

So back in 2014 the University of Mississippi took on the challenge of testing and measuring the nutrient density of a variety of Tower Garden crops and studied them right beside field grown crops. Much to the surprise of the researchers, many of the Tower Garden crops tested higher in nutrient density than the field grown crops. In most cases the results were similar with some testing a little higher or a little lower. But the fact that several crops had an increased nutrient density nearly 30% over the field crops is just staggering! Likewise, researchers confirmed that Tower Garden crops grow three times faster, yield 30% more volume and use 90% less water than field grown crops. The result is being able to grow roughly 10x the amount of food per acre, or per square foot at home, or in a commercial environment.

Researchers studied and measured the total phenolic and flavonoid content, antioxidant properties, and overall crop yield. You can read the entire peer reviewed and published study here:

Happy Tower Gardening everyone! 😊

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