how aeroponics differs from hydroponics

Understanding the differences: Aeroponics vs hydroponics

How does aeroponics differ from hydroponics?

Aeroponics vs hydroponics; not a competition, simply a step forward in technological advancement. They are each unique in their own way, but each relies on water and soluble nutrients.

However, in conventional hydroponics the roots are always submerged in a constant flow of water enhanced with insufflated oxygen and soluble fertilizers.

With aeroponics the roots of the plants simply hang in the air. Since the roots have 100% oxygen availability and the delivery of nutrients to the plant is unparalleled the plants grow faster, taste better and have a higher yield. The plants receive water and nutrients a total of 15 minutes per hour. The roots are simply hanging in the air at least 75% of the time! Thriving in a highly oxygenated environment without a substrate, without water, and without soil; this is what defines aeroponics!

Some might argue that this is not a true aeroponic system because it does not use High Pressure or Low Pressure misting. This would be like saying that an electric car is not a car, because it does not have a gasoline engine…

Scientific comparative testing has proven that crops grown on Tower Garden aeroponic systems feature a superior nutrient density and show an increase in antioxidant and phenolic values. Furthermore, aeroponics delivers on average 35% increase in crop yield and 40% water savings in comparison to conventional hydroponics.

From the small residential model of the Home Tower Garden, or the 10’ giants found in some commercial Tower Farms, these towers are truly aeroponic towers!

Tower Garden manufactured hundreds of thousands of aeroponic towers for over a decade. Tower Garden technology was the first aeroponic tower on the market, originally named Future Growing Systems. Tower Garden is the pioneer of aeroponic tower technology and commercial Tower Farm systems.

Happy Gardening 🙂

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