Jardin Vertical Story

Discover the Expertise of Montreal's Vertical Garden Pioneers: Jardin Vertical Unveiled

The Company

We are passionate people with a focused vision of hyper localization, regeneration, and sustainability. We look forward to growing with you!

Helping communities around the world obtain fresh, nutrient dense food at an affordable price. Jardin Vertical was the first commercial Tower Farm in Canada and the first CEA (controlled environment agriculture) Tower Farm in the world to use high efficiency LED technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is Hyperlocal. Tower Farms around the world growing food right in the heart of the city. All produce harvested, prepped, and packaged in-house; distributed, purchased, and consumed within that city. This hyper localization and vertical integrated business model dramatically reduces environmental impact.

Our Mission

Jardin Vertical is taking farming to new heights. Our aeroponic Tower Farm growing systems use even less water and space than common hydroponic systems. Our mission is to produce high quality produce, in less space, with the least number of resources possible. With Jardin Vertical and the patented Tower Garden technology, every city in the world can become self-sufficient. Whether it is one Tower Garden in your living room or a 1,000-unit commercial Tower Farm, or anything in between, the future of farming is here…today.

chad taylor Jardin Vertical Story

The Founder

Chad Taylor comes from a family of many generations of farmers. His parents grew up on a farm, as did his Grandparents and on it goes. He always wanted to get back to his roots but had always been deceived by the industrial farming practices that are destroying our planet.

In 2018 he discovered Vertical Farming. Fascinated, he knew he had to be a part of the revolution! In 2019 he discovered Tower Garden and the Tower Farming method with aeroponics. This advanced technology combined with the advanced LED technology becoming available, he knew the time was now!
With due diligence completed, he and his wife and co-founder France Chouinard, founded Jardin Vertical in 2020.

Jardin Vertical, a family-owned business.

The Technology

Jardin Vertical Tower Farms and residential Tower Garden use patented aeroponic technology. This patented method uses up to 98% less water than traditional farming practices. Likewise, in a controlled environment it virtually eliminates the need for toxic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We like to call it beyond organic.

The Towers are constructed with the highest quality food grade, UV stable material available on Earth. In direct sunlight they will not yellow or crack. Every Tower Garden is a commercial grade product and is designed for many years of use, inside or outside.



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