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Jardin Vertical was the first commercial Tower Farm in Canada. We were also the first CEA (controlled environment agriculture) Tower Farm in the World to use high efficiency LED lighting technology. 

We can help you build a commercial Tower Farm virtually anywhere in the world! The amazing Tower Garden technology has been proven on every inhabited content, in all growing conditions, from the deserts of the Middle East, to here in frozen Quebec Canada! 

Jardin Vertical Tower Farms can be installed outdoors in direct sunlight, in a greenhouse, or a CEA; the options are nearly limitless.

What are some of the benefits of Tower Farming vs traditional farming or hydroponic farming?

  • No Experience Necessary
  • The most important difference from a business perspective is that operating a Tower Farm does not require any previous agricultural experience! Any able bodied person can operate a vertical aeroponic Tower Farm.
  • 95% less water usage than traditional farming and up to 30% less than hydroponic farming.
  • 95% less space than traditional farming and up to 80% less space over traditional hydroponics.
  • In our aeroponic towers plants grow 3x faster than in traditional soil farming with 30% more yield. This means you can grow roughly 10x the crops per square foot or square meter than traditional farming.
  • In a controlled environment we use ZERO toxic pesticides.
  • Vertical aeroponic Tower Farming capital costs are a fraction of the cost of vertical farming hydroponic racking systems.
  • Our aeroponic towers can be used virtually anywhere in the world. Our technology has been proven on every inhabited content for nearly two decades. There are established Tower Farms across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia!!
  • They can be used outside in direct sunlight, indoors, rooftops, greenhouses and more! 
  • You do not need previous agricultural experience to own, or operate a commercial Tower Farm. We can provide all specific training necessary to own and operate a commercial Tower Farm, anywhere in the world. 

Contact us today to join the aeroponic vertical Tower Farming revolution! Whether you are an experienced farmer, an entrepreneur, or just looking to build a side-line income, Jardin Vertical Tower Farms are very easy to set up and operate. They are modular and can range from a small 10 Tower Farm in your backyard, to a full-scale, 1000 unit commercial Tower Farm, and anything in between.  

We guide you through the entire process; from initial concept and design to your first harvest, we will be with you every step of the way. We provide detailed design assistance including detailed CAD drawings, 3D lighting layouts and more! 

Every city in the world can now become self-sufficient, with Jardin Vertical Tower Farms.

So let’s begin your vertical farming journey and

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